Super Draw Results

Please see below for the results of the last Super Draw, that was drawn on the 23rd March 2018. All Prize Winners are automatically notified so there is no need to claim. We have some fantastic prizes to give away;

1st prize: £1,000

Lottery Number 32568, SHEFFIELD

2nd prize: £100

Lottery Number 628955, SHEFFIELD

3rd prize: £5

Lottery Number 1000024, SHEFFIELD

Lottery Number 1000425, SHEFFIELD

Lottery Number 1000964, SHEFFIELD

Lottery Number 1000977, SHEFFIELD


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This week's rollover:


Every week there is a chance for you to win:

  • 1st Prize


  • 2nd Prize


  • 3rd Prize

    100 x £5

  • Plus

    £375 rollover
    £15,000 Jackpot